Trademark security is your job.
Cognate makes it easier.

Organize and manage all trademarks and proof of use evidence in one easy-to-use platform - Cognate, the world’s first blockchain-powered trademark rights protection platform.

Documenting Proof of Use

Filing trademark registrations is only one part of the equation in preserving and enforcing trademark rights. Equally important is documenting proof of use, which may be required to enforce, maintain, and defend trademark rights.

Make and manage timestamped, immutable records of proof of use - for both registered and unregistered marks.

More Easily Prove Legal Rights

  • Common law trademark rights
  • Defend against claims of abandonment
  • Obtain a higher value for your trademark portfolio
  • Prove secondary meaning/acquired distinctiveness
  • Scope of use/widespread recognition of a mark

Our trademark record vault can store all of your “brand assets”

Website Screenshots

Cognate’s screenshot tool automatically captures proof of use from the website(s) where the goods/services are sold.

Marketing Collateral

Advertising Specimens

Business Plans/Copy

Package Design

This allows you to organize your proof of use evidence for registrations, common law marks, and all other brand-related materials in one place.

Why Blockchain?

Blockchain ensures that all records are permanent, timestamped, and tamperproof. Because blockchain records are secure and immune to alteration, this may lessen the number of issues an infringer or other party will be able to challenge regarding use documentation.

When can Cognate records be used?

Cognate records can be accessed at any time and can be used when called upon to provide proof of use in enforcing or defending trademark rights in several situations.

Trademark infringement and other conflicts
Prove use when filing trademark applications or renewing
UDRP and other domain name-related disputes
Log multiple records over time to prove continuing use
Easily prove use in multiple jurisdictions and classes

What is the CM Certification Mark?

Companies that can demonstrate use of a trademark or product or business names according to Cognate’s standards are granted the right to use the CM Certification Status. This shows that they have met the eligibility requirement of employing business practices to achieve proof of trademark use in a publicly available secure BLOCKCHAIN environment for that name or mark.

Companies will be issued a certificate reflecting their certification, and gain the right to use Cognate’s CM Certification Mark (ex: CognateCM) to show their adherence to these state of the art practices. The CM Mark can:

  • Signify that information about this trademark (owner, dates of use, and a specimen, for instance) can be found as registered on CognateCM
  • Puts potential infringers on notice of the exact mark and rights being claimed

The future of trademark protection is here. Secure your trademark portfolio on Cognate today.