Cognate Legacy Trademark Record Access

This tool is for legacy Cognate customers who wish to retrieve their trademark documentation records from the Ethereum blockchain.

To retrieve your records, use the input field below to enter a Word Mark or the Design Mark Identifier.

Once you have entered your trademark, select your mark from the options that are shown. The resulting data that appears below includes: (a) your mark; and (b) the documentation associated with it that is stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

We also provide links to the Etherscan (an Ethereum blockchain "explorer" - like a search engine for a blockchain) record for each Ethereum Smart Contract associated with the data. It is in these Ethereum Smart Contracts that your data is stored in "byte code." The tool is extracting the data and displaying it in a more user-friendly format.

Note: For design marks (those consisting of an image), we also include the "design hash" along with the image of the mark.

To generate a "SHA-256" hash for your proof of use documentation or Design Mark, you can use the SHA-256 Generator tool provided below. Just drag and drop a file into the box or use any SHA-256 generator tool like this one. The resulting hash for your Proof of Use documentation and/or design mark will match the hash that is stored on the blockchain. This is known as Proof of Existence hash.

When generating a hash, it's crucial that you use the exact image file for your Proof of Use document or Design Mark. If you use a different file (even if it's the same proof document or image), the tool will generate a different hash, meaning it won't match the data in the blockchain.

If you're interested, here is a link to the GitHub repository for this tool's source code.

For more technical information visit our Readme documents.

SHA 256 Generator

SHA-256 hashes will appear here

Trademark Documentation Lookup