About CognateCM

CognateCM creates a permanent, time-stamped record of your trademark use.

Why do I need to record my trademark use?

Recording your trademark use is crucial for proving, enforcing, and maintaining your trademark rights. For more, see "Why Register?".

How does it work?

Enter information about your trademark(s), and upload a document proving your trademark use on our simple application form. This should take less than 9 minutes to complete.

Cognate reviews your proof of use, and once confirmed, creates a permanent, time-stamped record of your trademark information and proof. This record can then be used to prove, enforce, or maintain your trademark rights.

Marks recorded on Cognate also gain the right to use our CM Certification Mark. What is the CM Certification Mark?

What are the benefits to recording use on Cognate?

Record use of both registered and unregistered trademarks

Create multiple records of proof over time to prove continuing use

Log proof showing use in new jurisdictions, classes, etc.

Records can be accessed at any time

Online dashboard allows easy management of all trademarks used (both registered and unregistered)

What makes Cognate records "permanent"?

Cognate is the world’s first trademark use recordal service powered by blockchain technology.

A blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger of transactions that combines powerful cryptography algorithms with a system of decentralized computing power. Records in blockchain ledgers are immutable (i.e. permanent) and time-stamped.

Cognate uses a blockchain to record your trademark information and proof of trademark use.