About Cognate

Cognate is a trademark documentation and protection platform.

What Does That Mean?

Cognate is a trademark registry, similar to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), where you can instantly document the trademark rights you’ve earned through use.

Unlike the USPTO, Cognate registration takes under 10 minutes – not 10 months – and costs $149.95 for a five-year registration – not hundreds, or thousands if you choose to hire a lawyer. Cognate lets you pay on a monthly or yearly basis, with no long-term commitment.

Cognate also monitors new USPTO trademark applications and will alert you if someone files a federal trademark application for the mark you’ve registered on Cognate.

What Are My Rights?

Under the Lanham Act, the piece of federal legislation that governs intellectual property, trademark rights are accrued through their use in commerce. This means that if you’re using a trademark to identify a good, service, or your company, to do business (i.e. you’re actually making sales), you own what’s known as “common law” trademark rights. No government registration is required.

In some cases, common law trademark rights can even be superior to a federally registered trademark.

More than 98% of trademarks are never registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

How Does it Work?

Simply provide information about how and where you use your mark, and provide proof that you “actually use” your mark. This is the same type of information required by the USPTO for federally registered trademarks.

Cognate then monitors USPTO trademark applications and will alert you if someone is trying to federally register your trademark.

Unlike the USPTO process, Cognate registration is simple, fast, and affordable.