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Trademark Law  Specialist Iain Connor of Pinsent Masons Advises, “act ahead of deadline for registering ‘.africa’ web addresses”

Via their Outlaw information hub Pinsent’s lawyer Connor urges brand owners operating in Africa to act quickly if they want to take advantage of a chance to enhance their trade mark protections on the continent.17 Jul 2017 Here’s what he says… A three-month window during which trade mark holders can register web addresses rooted at … Read more

The Supreme Court Explains Trademark Registration, And It’s The Best Ever

United States Supreme Court Building

Much has been said and written in recent weeks about the Supreme Court’s defense of the First Amendment in the Slants case (Did The Supreme Court Slants Case Just Approve A Big FU To Trademark Owners?), by striking down provisions of federal trademark law. The court has also provided us with perhaps the most authoritative explanation of … Read more

Bad Faith Trademark Filing & China’s New Rules

Beijing’s IP Court held a press conference (4/24/2017) to highlight how it intends to deal with bad-faith filing under a raft of new rules issued by Beijing.   Following are some of the new measures to be introduced. Take into account the circumstance where the applicant’s bad faith has been confirmed in a previous case. … Read more

Lexology Report Highlights Issues For Registering Medical Cannabis Trademarks

Lexology have published a report on the Supreme Court’s  recent ruling where the Justices  struck down, as unconstitutional, the ban on disparaging trademark registrations. But as Lexology remind us. However, that does not mean that a medical marijuana dispensary can receive a federal trademark registration. The report authored by Micheline Kelly Johnson  of  Baker Donelson Bearman … Read more

Australian Startup Uses Blockchain To Assert Legal Provenance In China

Australian, Mark Toohey, has launched a startup called TBSx3 to develop a blockchain-based system intended to stall counterfeiters. Toohey, founder and director of the company, states that his “TBS times three” comes from three layers of protection built into the company’s anti-counterfeiting solution – encryption, logistics tracking, and blockchain. Innovation Australia reports: TBSx3 recently completed … Read more

SCOTUS Rules in Favor of ‘The Slants’ Trademark Registration

The trademark world is buzzing today after the Supreme Court ruled that the government can’t refuse registration for trademarks that are considered “offensive.” The Court ruled that the Asian-American rock band The Slants have the right to federal trademark registration with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), despite having a “disparaging name.” The Slants’ lead … Read more

Cognate + Blockchain for Trademark Protection

Cognate now uses blockchain technology to make a record of our users’ trademark rights. What is Cognate? The Common Law Trademark (CM) Registry – a public, non-governmental registry and certification system that allows for fast, affordable recordal and monitoring of trademark rights, including unregistered (“common law”) trademarks, company names, product names, slogans, and domain names. But you … Read more