What is the CM Mark?

The CM Mark is a certification mark exclusively owned and administered by Cognate. The CM designation is granted to businesses that have been certified by Cognate to follow Cognate-specified practices to document use of specific business names, product or service names, slogans and trademarks. Satisfaction of Cognate’s secure standards includes use of Cognate’s blockchain or distributed ledger technology enabled database to provide the type of tamperproof, immutable proof which is characteristic of a highly secure blockchain or distributed ledger environment.

Once my application is approved, how do I use the CM mark?

The following is an overview for clients with CM product or service, slogan, or business name certification.

The general guidelines and rules listed below will help you accurately and properly promote your CM-certified mark.

The guidelines apply to your use in:

Product packaging
News releases
Web sites
Any other promotional communication

General Guidelines and Rules

  1. The CM mark may be used by any trademark owner whose application for CM Certification has been granted, and wishes to demonstrate commercial trademark rights. The owner must have actually used the mark on or in connection with a business, a product or a service, or a slogan.
  2. Any references to CM in promotional materials must be accurate.
  3. The CM mark should never appear more prominently than the product name or name of the company that owns the product. When typed it should appear as a superscript (ex: CognateCM)
  4. The certification is applied when a trademark owner can document the nature of the mark, the goods or services, and a specimen (proof) of use. The certification then confirms that a business has followed Cognate-specified practices to document use of those names and trademarks according to Cognate’s secure standards in a blockchain or equally secure distributed leger.
  5. Word or mark possesses the necessary traits to constitute a trademark.
  6. You may use the CM certification mark adjacent to any place where you use your business, service or product name, or slogan in order to indicate that your business, service or product name, or slogan is found on the CM registry. This includes business cards, signs, letterhead, packaging and web sites.
  7. You must ensure that visitors to your website can understand to which of your products or services the CM registry certification applies.
  8. If the owner should discontinue/abandon use, it understands, as a condition of registration, to remove its CM certifications from all materials. Continued use is certified again at the time of renewal.
  9. If CM certification is withdrawn or if you abandon use of any product or service, business name, or slogan to which your CM certification mark applies, you will take steps to remove the CM certification mark.
  10. Do not use CM Mark on products or services, business names, or slogans which are not approved for inclusion on the CM registry.
  11. See pricing for current fee structure.
  12. Any disputes under this policy between Cognate and the user are left to the discretion of Cognate. Cognate permits applicants to ask for reconsideration for any use to which certification is refused. Nothing in this prevents either party from seeking a court declaration as to proper implementation of policies.